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Print Media

Web Design

Shark Week Jumping Great White
Little League Facebook Post
CFIFR Logo Sand Stamp
Shark Week Jaws

Photo Manipulation

We offer sensitive retouching, recoloring, and digital compositing of both professional and personal photography. Clean up damage to old photographs, pimple removals, and combining multiple shots into one perfect shot.


Bespoke artwork in traditional or digital media really sets your company apart from the rest.


Little League All Stars District 8 Vanity Pin Pinecrest Street Logo


Florida Guitar Foundation

Coral Gables, Florida

Web Design, Branding, Collateral Creation for Print and Signage, Social Media

Global Realty Services

Homestead, Florida

Logo Design and Branding, Collateral Creation for Print and Signage

District 8 Little League Baseball & Softball

Homestead, Florida

Illustration, Social Media Marketing and Content

Knaus Berry Farm

Homestead, Florida

Web Maintenance

Pinecrest Street Company

Pinecrest, Florida

Website, Book Typography and Layouts

Case Studies and Client-Specific Portfolios

Sportsman’s Adventures Productions

Homestead, Florida

Multiple projects and productions from 2014-2016.
Social Media, Copywriting, Content Management, Graphic Design, Photo Manipulation, Print and Web Media, Marketing Campaigns.

Padrón & Associates

Hialeah, Florida

Logo and Logotype

Dunspaugh-Dalton Community and Educational Wellness Center

University of Miami
Coral Gables, Florida

Illustration, Book Layouts and Website

Orgel’s Orchids & Carnivorous Plants

Miami, Florida

Logo and Logotype

In-House Work Portfolio

Office of Student Involvement

University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida

Multiple projects and productions from 2006-2007.
Graphic Design, Print and Web Media, Marketing Campaigns, T-Shirt Illustrations.
General Tomfoolery.

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10 years of freelance experience, 3 years of freelancing full-time.

Local Convenience

Miami area clients benefit from limited in-office visits and meetings for consultation and in-person collaboration.


Personal Attention

Small team, few clients, more detailed and personal attention.



Wide range of skills to best serve your company’s design needs.

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