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Professional establishment of corporate identity across social media platforms at industry standard. Beautiful images and smart content to get you started.


Content that tells a narrative requires thought and planning. Pushing for more followers can take to form of contests, mentions, and expertly curated content.


Growth takes time. Take the time to nurture your new social media baby. Stay invested in it’s potential by quick response times and an active presence.


The most important aspect to successful social media marketing. Stay involved with your fans and followers, answer their messages and comments, and actively encourage them to engage with you. Cultivate not just likes, but conversations.

Real Followers, Real Engagement

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hootsuiteConsulting &
Content Creation

Keeping up with the constant design changes on Facebook, as well as the changes in Twitter and YouTube last year, I’ve kept my clients looking sharp and consistent across their multi-platform branding. Uniform text choices and coloring helps a follower to instantly recognize a brand space in any location on the internet.

Individual posts conform to the brand aesthetic as well, though they enjoy some more variety. We also actively search for content to link out to, as Facebook has recently been prioritizing new-type linked content. Bespoke images and text additions to beautiful photography consistently prove to be the most popular internal content for likes and shares.

Campaign Doubled Donations in 2016

The Florida Guitar Foundation blasted their newsletter contacts and social media followers with a new Give Miami Day campaign focused on the mission of the organization. The one-day donations for this event were more than double the donations recorded in 2015.

Campaign for Funding

The expansion of the social media presence of the Florida Guitar Foundation directly impacted the number and amount of donations given to the Non-Profit through Give Miami Day. The final total donated on November 17, 2016 more than doubled the donations received through the same event in 2015.

  • 2015 Donations 48%
  • 2016 Donations 100%

Partnering with the Social Media Manager of Sportsman’s Adventures, we produced original content for a number of successful individual posts with thousands of organic Facebook views, and hundreds of likes and shares. We planned and executed contests, promotions, and social advertising campaigns focused on season premiers, live audience dates, and events.

< This bespoke post alone reached 106,000+ impressions.

A year after my departure, Sportsman’s Adventures Productions is continuing to use content I created and photographs I took for them and they are still seeing high engagement with those posts.

From February 2014 – February 2016 we grew the Sportsman’s Adventures television brands from 34,568 Facebook followers to over 131,000!

Projects and Posts

Take a look at some past work for Social Media accounts.

Shark Week Jumping Great White
CFIFR Logo Sand Stamp
Shark Week Jaws
Little League Facebook Post
Team Contender One Banner 2015
Walking Dead Valentine

Branding for Best Practices

Better results with better email campaigns. Higher click rates, active maintenance, more opens.

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